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PowerControl X with App: Highlights and connecting | That's how chip tuning works today!

This is how chip tuning works today: The new performance upgrade PowerControl X by DTE Systems lets the driver individualize the car’s tuning using the app!

What’s more: See the real time performance at the app’s sport instrumentation panel, feel the acceleration with the accelerometer or use the integrated warm-up timer to set the engine warm-up time.

Know more about all the app’s highlights and the easy connection between PowerControl X and the smartphone in this video!

All details in an overview:

► PowerControl X with multiple programs and performance levels
► Tuning with remote control via smartphone app
► Easy to install due to plug-in connectors
► 30 day money-back guarantee

Learn more: https://www.chiptuning.com/en/chiptuning-smartphone-app-dte-systems.html

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8 thoughts on “PowerControl X with App: Highlights and connecting | That's how chip tuning works today!

  1. Hi, I have PadalBox and PowerControl X. May I know what is the normal value of Common-Rail-Druck when idle(RPM 855) , and what is the value of Common-Rail-Druck when RPM is 3,800 ? My car model is BMW 520i F10, thanks !

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