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Chip tuning / remapping VS Fuel Economy | Tech Series #2

Chip tuning / remapping VS Fuel Economy | Tech Series #2

As we get a lot of questions about the effect of chiptuning or remapping on fuel economy, we thought it would be quite interesting to shine some light on this topic and clear up some things.

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Ściągniete z Youtube profesjonalny chip tuning, elektronika samochodowa i DPF/ FAP OFF w Warszawie. Chip Tuning, usuwanie filtrów DPF, Serwis FAP, mechanika, Warszawa i okolice.

Auto Tuning – Chip tuning. Ponad 35000 wersji silnikowych w V-Tuning. Filtr: Wszystkie rodzaje; osobowe; dostawcze; ciężarowe; rolnicze.Chip tuning polega na zwiększeniu mocy pojazdu poprzez modyfikację programu sterującego pracą silnika. Wszyscy producenci samochodów pozostawiają rozwiązania dla Tuningu.

Profesjonalny chiptuning i tuning silników diesel i benzyna (również ciężarowe), chip tuning – zwiększ moc, obniż spalanie. Chip Tuning Chiptuning xHP Naprawa DPF EGR AdBlue BMW Mini inne. Usługi motoryzacyjne » Naprawa i serwis. Chip tuning samochodów Warszawa, hamowania, podniesienie mocy samochodu Warszawa, modyfikacje mechaniczne auta. Chip tuning wszystkich marek..

Profesjonalny tuning samochodów na odległość. Zgraj oprogramowanie samochodu, prześlij nam. Zmodyfikujemy go dla uzyskania lepszych parametrów pracy.

13 odpowiedzi na “Chip tuning / remapping VS Fuel Economy | Tech Series #2”

  1. I've got a diesel and mine does like 0.2l/100km less, after the remap. This is still a win, considering it has more power. I had it remaped for comfort, and easyer overtakes. After the first week of fooling around with the new power, I just got back to my regular driving. Also, my DPF regens are at least as good as before, and no trace of smoke what so ever.

  2. It hasn't been the case with my 1.5 dci with piggyback. Accelerating up a steep dual carriageway from Maidstone from 50 to 70 mph without piggyback the instant mpg was around 30.5mpg. With the piggyback in +30% setting it was 23.2mpg (and accelerated alot faster). This indicates around 30% more fuel use due to 30% more power. Overall obd mpg is the same and about 5% more than actual calculations. But I have 30 hp and 75 nm more.

  3. If the car is running rich from factory and you tune it, you lean it out so your not using more fuel. I have a series 1 and the series 5 uses 2 litres per hundred less than mine. I have asked tuner and they said i will get two litres better fuel economy from a tune so it makes sense. Same motor in each series. But yeah i will probably drive it harder so no real world difference.

  4. correct me if I’m wrong, I believe the only way to increase both power and efficiency is if you have made physical changes to the engine. Such as better flowing heads or better flowing intake manifolds that would allow the engine to function as a more efficient air pump.

  5. what information i don't think i received from this, is what about the turbo? by chip tuning diesel engines, aren't they actually making the turbo work harder to have higher air pressure to burn the fuel with better efficiency and also generate more torque ? this of course without adding more fuel. so…. => fuel economy? please correct me if i understood this wrong

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