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Why Are They Banning ECU Tuning?

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Big thanks to Richard Gibby at EF1 Tuning. Go check em out! https://www.ef1motorsports.com/

California recently announced they won’t allow cars with modified ECUs on their roads. Today we’re gonna take a closer look at ECU modification, figure out the benefits and risks of modifying them, and see how ECU tuning is actually done. California might be on the wrong side of science with this one! Let’s go.

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35 thoughts on “Why Are They Banning ECU Tuning?

  1. Be glad you don’t live in europe, any mod can render your car “unsafe” by police and have it taken off the road. Untill you get it through inspection again and everything has to be back to factory spec for it to pass…

  2. Squeezing a few hsprs out of your fun little car via ecu is bad for the environment , but getting a ram trx off the lot with 5 mpg average is completely environmentally friendly.

  3. Since when was CA a good place for car culture and car mods? Where I live there are no emission laws, minimal noise laws, and basically nothing affecting car modification aside from the obvious things illegal in all 50 states (license plate hiders, etc).

  4. For all of those who think this is just a money grab, think about it. There was just a mass exodus from California due to overbearing restrictions on business and the way people live their lives, which means they are making way less now. They have to afford their ridiculous subsidies somehow!

  5. So basically if you have a bus fleet that runs on alternative fuels that require ECU modification, that entire fleet could be illegal unless they spend a ton of money for each bus to be CARB certified, making it more difficult and expensive for small businesses to do business in California. Thanks Commifornia 🙏

  6. I wouldn’t have an issue with all this if it stayed in California(the state deserves to deal with the regulations and laws they voted for) but the issue is Californians get angry about the regulations and law then moved the Colorado and started voting THE SAME FUCKING WAY and now my brand new Ecu and $40,000 build requires emissions compliant parts which means my car can’t be registered legally. Thanks assholes for continuing to ruin everything for us. You guys couldn’t keep it in your shithole of a state, you felt the need to pass along the pain to other states along with your INSANE taxes and cost of living.

    I know this isn’t a new question but how has the car culture not fought back on this EPA BS? We are a tiny amount of the emissions every year and yet we allowed the ass clowns to use there power against us while we all bent over(I guess we learned from Californians how to take in the ass)

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