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The truth about chip tuning / remapping | Tech Series #1

Tech Series episode 1: The truth about chiptuning

As a lot of people like it to make chiptuning look like some kind of black magic, we decided this is a good opportunity to bring some clarity on this topic and share with the people what’s this all about and how it works.

Disclaimer: Before chiptuning your car, always first check the legislation in your country regarding chip tuning

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9 thoughts on “The truth about chip tuning / remapping | Tech Series #1

  1. There are many choices with proven high HP improvements but I found three local (within 100 miles) that have strict rules and tune within the limits of the mechanics of the car. Only half of the gain of many bypass chips and chip tuners but designed to give a snappier performance instead of unreasonable risk. They also have some heavyweight guarantees which are impressive. However, they are not cheap starting at about double cost of a bypass chip. They have a hook in me now. Its only a matter of time before I get reeled in. Those who have done it say it makes their cars feel smoother like the newer models (diesel cars).

  2. Good content man! A few tips to make it more snappy! Cut sooner, don't leave the blank spaces. Tune down the soundtrack volume and last but not least bring up the contrast a bit and play with color tuning to make the image a bit more saturated! Agian great job!

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