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So we get asked all the time about „XX Tuning box makes X power so why does a custom tune make the same? or less? or only a tiny bit more?” so we decided to do an unbiased test, with the intention of offering tuning boxes to our customers looking for that easily removable power adder!

Please stay tuned in for a follow up episode with our solution to all of your problems!

This was filmed around 12 months ago and was not, and still is not, intended to start a war or slagging match between any companies. These 3 boxes were chosen as the top 3 on Google searches, so likely the most popular 3.

We are entitled to our own opinion and so are people running these boxes or selling them but rest assured no bending, twisting or altering of the figures to produce a sensationalised video has occurred.

Short summary if you want more power, these expensive tuning boxes are way overpriced for the gains you get. We have had countless customers arrive with these boxes and be rather upset with the gains when tested on our dyno – https://www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk/Blog/dynos-what-to-know/

Our Powergate solution video coming soon:

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One of our main aims is to provide products that give the best performance gains, whilst still maintaining the reliability and economy associated with a diesel engine. As we only own and work with TDIs, you can be assured that you are dealing with experts who have an in depth knowledge and understanding of all things VW and BMW Diesel.

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Ściągniete z Youtube Chip tuning, elektronika samochodowa, DPF/FAP OFF to tylko niektóre z usług, które Autochiptuning24 świadczy klientom na terenie Warszawy. Chiptuning, demontaż filtrów cząstek stałych, serwis FAP, prace mechaniczne to usługi, które można wykonać w okolicach Warszawy.
Elektryczne podejście do zwiększania mocy silnika jest znane jako remapowanie ECU BMW. Usługa może być wykonana w naszej lokalizacji lub bezpośrednio w siedzibie klienta, gdziekolwiek się znajduje. Gwarancja!

Chiptuning to usługa, w której mechanik elektronicznie zwiększa moc wyjściową silnika samochodowego, modyfikując ustawienia w jednostce sterującej silnika samochodu. Ta usługa jest również znana jako „dostrajanie”. Chip tuning, czyszczenie DPF, modyfikacja osiągów silników diesla, poprawa osiągów ciężarówek i ciągników za pomocą dodatków mocy: robimy to wszystko i robimy to lepiej niż ktokolwiek inny w Warszawie.

Chip tuning w pojazdach samochodowych. Obecnie istnieje ponad 35 000 różnych kombinacji silników, które mogą być obsługiwane przez V-Tuning. Dowolny typ, prywatny, van, ciężarówka lub pojazd rolniczy to kategorie, według których można sortować. Zwiększenie osiągów pojazdu poprzez „chip tuning” polega na wprowadzeniu modyfikacji oprogramowania jednostki sterującej silnika (ECU). Tuning to problem, który musi rozwiązać każdy producent OEM.

Chiptuning silników wysokoprężnych i benzynowych, w tym samochodów ciężarowych, to nasza specjalność; proces ten zwiększa moc, jednocześnie zmniejszając całkowite zużycie paliwa przez silnik. Proces modyfikacji częstotliwości pracy chipa Serwis i naprawy BMW Minis obejmujące układy DPF, EGR, AdBlue. Samochody wymagają regularnych przeglądów i napraw. Istnieje możliwość tuningu chipa samochodu w Warszawie, a także naprawy hamulców, rozkręcania silnika czy regulacji elementów mechanicznych samochodu. Chipy do tuningu dostępne dla każdej marki i modelu.

Fachowo wykonałem usługi tuningowe realizowane zdalnie. Prześlij nam oprogramowanie rip car przez e-mail. Wprowadzimy w nim pewne poprawki, aby działał płynniej. Słowo „hiptuning” odnosi się do szczególnego podejścia do procesu tuningu silnika. Niezbędne jest dokonanie modyfikacji w oprogramowaniu elektronicznej jednostki sterującej (ECU) w celu uzyskania pożądanego efektu na osiągi silnika.

Czy możesz mi wyjaśnić, czym jest chiptuning? Zmiany w układzie napędowym BMW? Co do cholery jest nie tak z twoim samochodem, mówiąc wprost? Jednym słowem, chip tuning Twojego BMW to prosta metoda, która pomoże Ci wydobyć dodatkową moc z silnika Twojego pojazdu.

32 thoughts on “TESTING TUNING BOXES! Are they any good? DARKSIDE DEVELOPMENTS

  1. At that price definitely isn't worth it. I also think this is too new to use tuning boxes.

    Like I know ecu nowadays have torque limiters and things like that so I'm sure that's limiting what the boxes can do, whereas you change those limits while tuning.

    I've had good experience with tuning boxes on older cars, but I've not dynoed them so can't say if it meet the claims, met the expectations tho. And was way cheaper too, plus there's convenience factor.

  2. Hi I’m a total amateur have no idea about cars ,but own a 21plate golf 8 gti and was about to get the race chip one as all the dyno’s state that I’ve seen on my car at least a 50 bhp gain, now I’m confused and don’t know what to do

  3. I have a RaceChip installed on my F40 M135i and it's definitely making a difference in my case. There is now no performance gap between my car and a stock M140i all the way up to 156mph (we were absolutely side by side each time we tried), which there certainly is with a standard F40 M135i (306bhp plays, what, 335bhp?). These new generation BMWs appear very difficult to remap, either though OBD or a bench tune, so until that's better understood, this might be one of few options.

  4. Is there any remap already for the Mercedes A200 1.3 163hp version? That s the only reason why i would take a tuning box, but after all this reading. I will save my money and stay away of a tuning box!

  5. Very interesting video, I've got a chip from TDI-Tuning and love it, I've got a Mercedes A200 W177 and stock its 163bhp, with the chip its claimed 201bhp and I believe it. The thing absolutely flys like mad with it in, in fact I drove it the other day with it turned off (and I forgot it was off), and when my engine warmed up I was wondering why it felt so slow? it took me 10 minutes to remember I turned the chip off, so pulled over by the road, turned it on, and boom! flying again. Big big differences in 2nd to 4th gear with the pull, plus my MPG has gone up a lot.

  6. I'm surprised, that have good ones and bad ones, because they work basically the same way. Basically, they are just resistors on the sensor for fuel rail pressure and eventually on a MAP sensor. I have Race Chip, and I'm satisfied at all. The difference is big, the driving is more comfortable, of course the problem with the life of the different components of the fuel system is clear. With the increasing of the fuel pressure (in some moments too much), it is normal the injectors to last relatively shorter. For everyday driving without racing, on some relatively old horse, to put a bit life to him, maybe this is the cheapest way. For serious cars with racing purpose, exist remapping and hardware changes.

  7. Fitted a ds box to a megane dci cut out on full throttle contacted ds adjust the position ended up turned fully down no effect on performance or economy unplugged and in the bin now it was only 35 quid and may work on some manufacturers but not renault a proper remap is the only way to go on a renault

  8. You really need to purchase a Chip express box. I used one myself and was keeping up with cars with much larger engines plus they were sport cars. Please try it and leave a review

  9. interesting video. they are tdi versions, so would be interesting to see a comparison for petrol. i have a 2012 car with a 1.4 turbo engine, i will probably only keep it for at least a year, so looking at a tuning box just for a bit of fun and never had tuning boxes/remaps on any car ive owned in 18yrs of driving. think one i saw plugged inside a socket in the interior rather than in the engine bay.

  10. I could have more nm of torque in my seat Leon but don't want to put much strain on my gearbox…it's a costly things is running higher pressure.. personally I think injectors can slightly clog up meaning more pressure wouldnt really do much..respect good video!!!

  11. "Performance Diesel Tuning" – Jeez the name already is a silly paradox. If you want a fast sport car don't buy a diesel car and don't try to remap it. Have you seen an F1 car or a WRC car or WTCR car running on diesel ever ?

  12. If you're serious about increasing power and fuel economy get a remap, done on a rolling road against the real cars performance against a real rev range. Otherwise you're fitting a box that assumes what the car is based on standard figures. With a remap you can see a guaranteed results against how the car really performs for you, you never know with a DIY box.
    The TDI-tuning box for my box can take the power up to 334ps, when I know a decent remap will get to 315 safely!

  13. You mention the benefits of the custom remap and the typical customer of the tuning box being a lease, PCP car driver.
    Isn't the whole point of using the tuning box due to the fact that the custom map is seen straight away on a service and subsequently deleted during their mandatory ecu updates etc.
    Great video by the way 👍

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