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Sonos ARC VS Samsung Q990B | Which Dolby Atmos Soundbar is Better in 2022?

Sonos ARC VS Samsung Q990B | Which Dolby Atmos Soundbar is Better in 2022?

These two flagship Soundbars are very popular options in 2022 so in this video we put them head to head to figure out which is …

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Chiptuning to usługa, w której mechanik elektronicznie zwiększa moc wyjściową silnika samochodowego, modyfikując ustawienia w jednostce sterującej silnika samochodu. Ta usługa jest również znana jako „dostrajanie”. Chip tuning, czyszczenie DPF, modyfikacja osiągów silników diesla, poprawa osiągów ciężarówek i ciągników za pomocą dodatków mocy: robimy to wszystko i robimy to lepiej niż ktokolwiek inny w Warszawie.

Chip tuning w pojazdach samochodowych. Obecnie istnieje ponad 35 000 różnych kombinacji silników, które mogą być obsługiwane przez V-Tuning. Dowolny typ, prywatny, van, ciężarówka lub pojazd rolniczy to kategorie, według których można sortować. Zwiększenie osiągów pojazdu poprzez „chip tuning” polega na wprowadzeniu modyfikacji oprogramowania jednostki sterującej silnika (ECU). Tuning to problem, który musi rozwiązać każdy producent OEM.

Chiptuning silników wysokoprężnych i benzynowych, w tym samochodów ciężarowych, to nasza specjalność; proces ten zwiększa moc, jednocześnie zmniejszając całkowite zużycie paliwa przez silnik. Proces modyfikacji częstotliwości pracy chipa Serwis i naprawy BMW Minis obejmujące układy DPF, EGR, AdBlue. Samochody wymagają regularnych przeglądów i napraw. Istnieje możliwość tuningu chipa samochodu w Warszawie, a także naprawy hamulców, rozkręcania silnika czy regulacji elementów mechanicznych samochodu. Chipy do tuningu dostępne dla każdej marki i modelu.

Fachowo wykonałem usługi tuningowe realizowane zdalnie. Prześlij nam oprogramowanie rip car przez e-mail. Wprowadzimy w nim pewne poprawki, aby działał płynniej. Słowo „hiptuning” odnosi się do szczególnego podejścia do procesu tuningu silnika. Niezbędne jest dokonanie modyfikacji w oprogramowaniu elektronicznej jednostki sterującej (ECU) w celu uzyskania pożądanego efektu na osiągi silnika.

Czy możesz mi wyjaśnić, czym jest chiptuning? Zmiany w układzie napędowym BMW? Co do cholery jest nie tak z twoim samochodem, mówiąc wprost? Jednym słowem, chip tuning Twojego BMW to prosta metoda, która pomoże Ci wydobyć dodatkową moc z silnika Twojego pojazdu.

26 thoughts on “Sonos ARC VS Samsung Q990B | Which Dolby Atmos Soundbar is Better in 2022?

  1. This is funny to me I have the Samsung in my apartment and my uncle has the full sonos system and we both agree Samsung is far superior as a whole system specially when on sale he paid full price for his system while I was able to pick up the Samsung 650 dollars off . To me the real fight is the full Bose 900 system vs Samsung also Sonos suffers a lot from sound lag issues ☝️

  2. Quick question:

    So the LG C1 doesn't support dts or dts-x passthrough I think, would that mean I'd be better off getting the samsung q990b and plugging my device straight into one of its hdmi ports to get the bar to play dts & dts x?

    Also something that's now swaying me towards the sonos after watching this video is not only hearing how close these two now are, you said the rears are slightly better on the sonos and with the incoming new rears (The Optimo 1, Optimo 1 SL & the Optimo 2's) sonos will probably blow the samsung out of the water.

  3. I had aQ990b, rear right would not connect at all, spent an age with Samsung and eventually they decided to exchange but as the call centre is abroad and they had me with no box, spent lots of emails and calls going back and forth, never buy direct, they are a nightmare
    Supposedly a new one will come in around a week but I wonder if they will happen without a chase, the front and sub sounded good, impressive considering they replaced a dali Ikon Mk2 5.1 setup.
    Samsung have no idea how far the speakers can be from the soundbar, ideal mounting heights and as is said on whre, they don't have or recommend brackets but luckily fairly standard ones work fine. Powet Leads with the rears are short, longer replacements are easily available, if you need more than about 1.5 metres length to the plug, get them ordered up (one for each rear), same with the sub

    Disappointing that when connected to the TV via hdmi, the spundbar does not give a picture output, seems a good way to let you toggle the settings and see what speakers are connected, the pioneer AV receiver I ran did this and it was 10 years old, the LED screen on the spundbar is woeful and this would have been an easy win

    Connect wireless for atmos with some tvs to include Samsung BUT thats dolby digital atmos, not Dolby True HD atmos, if you are using TV and streaming you'll only get the digital version so the WiFi setup is OK, but blurays have dolby true HD so use the HDMI to TV to get the extra bitrate

    The Samsung when paired with a higher end Samsung TV offers a function that uses the TV and soundbar together but its a bit of a marketing ploy, if you set it up like that and then pull the power from the soundbar, you'll hear some very quiet muffled audio from the TV and in truth, I can't imagine its noticeable when the spundbar is playing, thats just my opinion based on the S95b

  4. Hi Archway Tech,
    I have the complete Bose 900 Setup with Bass and rears. Now i bought a New Samsung TV with Q Synphony. Do you think the New Samsung Q995B Soundbar fits and sounds better then the bose System?

  5. I used JBL 9.1 more than two years now I bought samsung Q990B and found that it is an amazing soundbar. Really Dolby Atmos is perfect with big sub woofer produse heavy and deep bass. I would say that it is best soundbar in this world in that price..

  6. There seems like a little bias towards sonos. I have had both. Sonos in my theatre room and samsung q950a in my living room with open layout. I just sold the sonos system for a dedicated system and upgraded samsung to 990b.
    Apart from the disconnection issue in the beginning I found the samsung to be better sound quality. Samsung was much better with atmos even with an open layout. This was q950a. Q990b is only better and with more refined bass.
    Where I live it's a nobrainer to go with samsung because sonos it 2.5x to 3x the cost when bought with rears and sub.

  7. Hi I RETURNED my Sonos Arc with one surround and base module for the Q990b and I couldn’t be happier. Sonos lacked the detailed sounds in movies and I found myself adjusting the settings all the time and having to adjust the volume to hear people talk and decreasing volume during action scenes, with the Q990b I don’t have to do that, great sound, clear vocals very happy with it.

  8. It's nice getting a in my opinion this sounds better then this one and I asked my Father in Law so must be right.
    I have the Samsung Q990B after I looked at a host of SOundbars set up at an Audio retailer, I didn't buy the SOundbar from the store as it was a retail store and I never pay retail.
    After listening and having three other customers also listening as they were also looking at sound bars.
    Out of all the under $2000AU Soundbars, guess which was 100% the best as far as the four of us standing in a large media room, this Company had four media rooms all set up for different Sound and Picture systems, Laser TV as well as projectors and multi speaker systems and Soundbars.
    Was lots to listen to as well as watch in as close to real world scenarios.
    Now considering I ended up getting the Samsung for $1350 delivered and the closest the Sonos could get was over $2000, which not only put it so far out of contention that it couldn't be even considered to be on par to the Samsung.
    Now if even one or two of the people listening to the Atmos demo had mentioned the Arc I would have listened more and tried some other tests, but the only system that anyone mentioned as all of us did was one way more expensive and so I would expect it to sound better.
    Since the Sonos really didn't sound any better on the same demo disc and possibly had we used what you listened to, then maybe we would have agreed with you.
    I have had my Samsung now for a month and can say I am very pleased with my choice and considering it replaced a 5.1 Yamaha system that cost over three times the price, even my Wife was happy :).
    The one other very nice push towards the Samsung was the fact that I had a Samsung 85inch Qled that I had only bought one month earlier and the advantages of the remote as well as working in conjunction with the TV speakers and other benefits, there really was nothing that gave the Sonos even the slightest chance of being a sensible choice.
    Now had I had a different model TV and the sound bars had been near the same price, I still would have bought the Samsung as it had much better connections and it's ability to work with my Smart home was just another tick.
    But thank you for your Video as I am sure it will still help others to have a better idea of which to buy once they look at pricing as $700 buys an Xbox or Playstation to connect to the Soundbar 😉

  9. In Malaysia, the Sonos with this configuration goes for USD 2378 (as of today) and the Samsung Q990B goes for USD 892! This HUGE price difference and close enough performance as reviewed here, made choosing the Q990B a no brainer. A lot one can do with almost USD1500 saved.
    Just highlighting how much some Samsung AV products varies in price worldwide.

  10. Take a look at the Q930b guys, it's definitely like 95% of a Q990b for 65% of the price and I have had zero connectivity issues with mine with about 20 feet spacing between the units.

  11. Amazing video. I enjoy watching your YouTube channel. I own the Sonos Arc with dual Gen 3 subs and play ones for rears speakers (5.2.2)I’m truly happy with my setup. I went with Sonos because you can add a second subwoofer. Both soundbars are amazing but I feel you have more opportunity to upgrade with the Sonos. For example, you can use different Sonos surround speakers (like the Sonos 5s) with the Sonos or use 3rd party surround speakers (need to purchase the Sonos amp to hook them up). So if you have ceiling speakers and want to hook it up to a sound bar…. Then Sonos is the best way to go.

  12. Just FYI: Samsung uses 5.8 GHz Wifi and NOT Bluetooth to connect the speakers to the main unit. Indeed, the q990b suffers from disconnection issues though – same as q950t (2020 model). The only bar which seems stable, is 2021 q950a. So I would go for that over q990b or sonos!:)

  13. Very dissatisfied with the Q990B, did a bass test and returned it the following day, I'm glad I did not sell the Q950B as it sounds fantastic. The bass from the Q990B sub is extremely boomy, and my listening area is acoustically treated so I can imagine how bad it must sound in an untreated room. The Q950B sub sounds tight and punchy, with or without acoustic treatment. Will be keeping an eye out for the newly announced JBL 1000 bar, hoping it sounds more refined than the 9.1 bar.

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