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Plug in tuning boxes from brands such as HDI and Racechip are seen as a quick and easy way to increase performance for your vehicle. I test a Racechip piggyback diesel tuning box fitted to my Mercedes W205 C220D on a DYNO to see if it gives the BHP and TORQUE gains claimed.

A total 12 runs were performed for complete accuracy and all results were constant. Your results may vary.

Credits : Racechip

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29 thoughts on “RACECHIP Tuning Box's – Do They WORK? DYNO TEST RESULTS!

  1. I had the basic racechip on my A200d with the 2.2d engine. It made a real nice difference. The jump in torque made a big difference to the way it drove in normal traffic. I did over 100,000 miles in that car and it did not effect mpg in any way. Averaged 68mpg over 100,000 miles.

  2. I installed one on my VRS diesel. Made no difference except the MPG calculator was WAY off. After before and after Dyno run, i got my money back and had to then get a remap from a professional company. Do not waste your time with Racechip

  3. From the factory cars are tuned to get close to the best performance. With that being said if you have no hardware/mods it gives the chip little to tune. So that is why you only see a little increase and not like the one advertised. That's what I've been taught all my life by my master technicians.

  4. Guys you better get this chip than the remap. Remap burns your turbo in time frame of 6 months to a year and your car will need be repaired. This chip is safe and you can enjoy the difference without stress.

  5. I have been driving an Audi A4 with a race chip for 2 years. I don't know what dyno no. would be, but it is much faster than it was without the chip. I have also been looking at what RC can do with other similar engines.. I saw that a VW GTI gets more gains than a Golf R would with a race chip. It makes sense that if an engine is already turn to high output, the gain from RC will be less that an engine that is less tuned. I am sure I will put a Race Chip in very turbo car that I am going to get.

  6. I installed on my Mercedes CLS550 about a year ago. More power, better response and very reliable. I do not know how much more power, but the Mustang and Hemi people are trying to catch me.

  7. Very informative video. There's a distinct lack of science of results on these boxes so, it's great to see a before and after dyno run, much like you would after an actual remap.

  8. I designed one for the first gen Mazda6S. It added 17whp and I think 12lbft. Not a ton, but it wasnt a powerful engine to begin with. They do work, but they have to be set up right and are nowhere near as good as a genuine tune set up for your particular car.

    That said, I have a dinan in my c300 cuz idc about hardcore power anymore. It's easier and less of a risk.

  9. Fitted one to a turbo diesel i30 Hyundai. Definitely made a reasonable difference. The increased mpg on the trip computer was way out but measuring the mpg myself it gained 1 or 2 mpg which isn't much but considering the extra power it was a win win. Ran it for 50k miles and it never caused any issues.

  10. Racechip doesn't make any guarantees or promises on Horse power. They say up to Xxxx HP. The amount of cold air the engines can get. How restrictive the exhaust is, etc make a huge difference.
    To get towards the higher end of the potential power gains from a race chip you need to get rid of your Cats, improve the volume of cold air to the engine. Change the injectors, change the cam, Change the turbos, change the exhaust. Now dyno it before the chip and after the chip and you will likely see numbers closer to the up to HP ratings.

  11. If you get an engine mgmt light on as a result of using one of these. Let’s say you have it on too high a setting. Can you just remove it and the EML goes away? Or do you need to have other tools to fix it? Concerned about getting one, having issues and then having to pay more money to fix. Thanks for the informative video.

  12. Initially when I got my RC, i didn't feel i noticed too much increase, it took my a while to notice.
    I contacted RC customer support via email and explained that I felt it was not giving me the power i expected.
    They sent me an update to install and i have to say i really do notice when it is turned on.
    On highest setting it always feels like the turbo is raring to kick in.
    I usually drive with it set to 4.
    It definitely picks up quicker than without it.
    I've had mine over 2 years now and hate driving with it off.
    Expensive, yes. But so glad i bought one.

  13. I've myself got a Mercedes A200 W177 model with 163bhp, I've got a race chip in mine (quoted 201bhp), and it really does make it feel lightning quick, I actually believe the quoted power too, I measured a 6.9 second 0-60 with it on, and a 7.9 second with it off. Also the feel of the power in 2nd gear really throws you back in your seat unlike when its turned off, and the extra power in 3rd/4th is very noticeable.

  14. I have contacted the Company twice now for their Dyno. Nos. for an MBZ 5.5M 273 V8 Litre ( standard 382 HP 391 lbs. torque ) of course I have received no reply because their advertising claims are simply for suckers . An excellent video showing the truth . Thank you .

  15. I had one of these on an Audi A6 2.7tdi. I went in with my eyes open, I kinda expected it to do very little, as they work by basically putting a resister between the fuel rail and the ecu to manipulate the sensor reading.

    This ties in pretty much exactly with my own “butt dyno” findings. Race chip quoted an increase from 177bhp to 220, which is total rubbish, but it did pull noticeably harder in the mid range. I guessed it increased the power by about 10bhp, and the mid range by a bit more than that.

    Basically, do they work? – sort of.

    Will you get a noticeable increase in power? – Power, probably not, mid range grunt, noticeable but not huge increase.

    Is the quoted increase total garbage? – absolutely. I think they simply quote the increase you typically get from a remap ( you know, one that directly effects turbo pressures..), and say that it what it will do…

    Is it a con? – yeah a little bit. They do work…ish, but I wouldn’t buy one again unless it was VERY cheap, and on a very cheap car it didn’t care much for. It could be “worth it” on a crappy golf diesel for the extra mid range, but I’m pretty much every other situation, I’d get a remap instead.

    I also wouldn’t touch one on a petrol motor, it’s just asking for trouble.

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