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Installing An OBD2 Tuning Chip… Will it work? | Volkswagen Mk4 GTI


In this video we install the new InstantHP.com OBD2 tuning chip as well as show you the difference between stock and with the chip.

This is a troll yo, all yall be gettin salty

Current GTI mods
-Cold air intake

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Ściągniete z Youtube Autochiptuning24.pl/ profesjonalny chip tuning, elektronika samochodowa i DPF/ FAP OFF w Warszawie. Chip Tuning, usuwanie filtrów DPF, Serwis FAP, mechanika, Warszawa i okolice.

48 thoughts on “Installing An OBD2 Tuning Chip… Will it work? | Volkswagen Mk4 GTI

  1. 35% more hp from a Chinese made tricker plug with a few resistors and maybe a simple chip that probally throws your car into open loop while hiding your check engine light is rediculous!

  2. I owned a 4dr manual MK4 1.8t for about 12 years….loved it. Absolutely loved it. Such a fun car. What did you do to your interior doors? Very cool. I dig it. Is that leather? I own an MK6 now. Can that same interior enhancement be done to my model?

  3. You might wanna learn how to do a test like that Because the way you doing it don't matter if you got to chip in or not your not gonna get the same results every time as you shift different every time not the same shift not the same speed none of that

  4. Daaang, salty people who just had to read the description, lol. I installed a Thornton stage 3 in my base model 2013 Ford Focus, mine works. And works! Keeps up with anything in a freeway race, actually sets the pace and pisses a lot of expensive cars off. Raced a souped up Benz for 20+ miles today, he couldn't lose me and played catch up the last mile. Installation is key. With mine I have to plug in, wait for certain lights to come on, turn on car computer for more than a minute until one of the red lights shuts off, start engine. I'll see if I can find time today to make an actual video for y'all but this is one that I did right when I put everything on just trying to get a little sound to show a couple of my buddies who don't live here. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PSd0TiEsCzrz-u_eEo849GaoIXAFlKpl/view?usp=drivesdk

  5. Chip is not tunning!
    Chip is chipping.
    Tune is tunning.
    Chip f**kin destroys ur engine bruh. With the chip money, u can spend it on car parts or tunning parts.
    Chip is used for manipulate the CPU of the car!

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