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Found a 44 Year Old Error In The SPACE INVADERS Arcade Schematics Midway & Taito Classic PCB Repair

Found a 44 Year Old Error In The SPACE INVADERS Arcade Schematics Midway & Taito Classic PCB Repair

We got in a beautiful, original 1978 Full Sized SPACE INVADERS Arcade Game and had to repair the PCB, I confirmed what I had long thought, there is a error in the original schematics for both the Midway and Taito version of the game from way back then.

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Chiptuning to usługa, w której mechanik elektronicznie zwiększa moc wyjściową silnika samochodowego, modyfikując ustawienia w jednostce sterującej silnika samochodu. Ta usługa jest również znana jako „dostrajanie”. Chip tuning, czyszczenie DPF, modyfikacja osiągów silników diesla, poprawa osiągów ciężarówek i ciągników za pomocą dodatków mocy: robimy to wszystko i robimy to lepiej niż ktokolwiek inny w Warszawie.

Chip tuning w pojazdach samochodowych. Obecnie istnieje ponad 35 000 różnych kombinacji silników, które mogą być obsługiwane przez V-Tuning. Dowolny typ, prywatny, van, ciężarówka lub pojazd rolniczy to kategorie, według których można sortować. Zwiększenie osiągów pojazdu poprzez „chip tuning” polega na wprowadzeniu modyfikacji oprogramowania jednostki sterującej silnika (ECU). Tuning to problem, który musi rozwiązać każdy producent OEM.

Chiptuning silników wysokoprężnych i benzynowych, w tym samochodów ciężarowych, to nasza specjalność; proces ten zwiększa moc, jednocześnie zmniejszając całkowite zużycie paliwa przez silnik. Proces modyfikacji częstotliwości pracy chipa Serwis i naprawy BMW Minis obejmujące układy DPF, EGR, AdBlue. Samochody wymagają regularnych przeglądów i napraw. Istnieje możliwość tuningu chipa samochodu w Warszawie, a także naprawy hamulców, rozkręcania silnika czy regulacji elementów mechanicznych samochodu. Chipy do tuningu dostępne dla każdej marki i modelu.

Fachowo wykonałem usługi tuningowe realizowane zdalnie. Prześlij nam oprogramowanie rip car przez e-mail. Wprowadzimy w nim pewne poprawki, aby działał płynniej. Słowo „hiptuning” odnosi się do szczególnego podejścia do procesu tuningu silnika. Niezbędne jest dokonanie modyfikacji w oprogramowaniu elektronicznej jednostki sterującej (ECU) w celu uzyskania pożądanego efektu na osiągi silnika.

Czy możesz mi wyjaśnić, czym jest chiptuning? Zmiany w układzie napędowym BMW? Co do cholery jest nie tak z twoim samochodem, mówiąc wprost? Jednym słowem, chip tuning Twojego BMW to prosta metoda, która pomoże Ci wydobyć dodatkową moc z silnika Twojego pojazdu.

24 thoughts on “Found a 44 Year Old Error In The SPACE INVADERS Arcade Schematics Midway & Taito Classic PCB Repair

  1. I have this exact machine in the basement waiting for me to try to diagnose and put back together.. glad I saw this before tackling this or I'd have been confused with the schematic inconsistencies!

  2. I found a file you were looking but for the Midway version at https://www.arcade-museum.com/manuals-videogames/S/SIDeluxe.pdf
    It is schematic part No. M051-00851-A002
    Game Logic P.C A082-90700-A000
    Used on Space Invader II Cocktail, Deluxe Space Invader Upright, Deluxe Space Invader Cocktail.
    It has the invader hit at top and saucer hit at bottom on page 27 of the pdf 🙂 (if you didn't already find it)
    Id love to build the simpler audio effects circuits but the 76477 can go jump cos i bet that's impossible to find that chip nowadays. The 556 and opamp circuits look simple enough and an Arduino could drive the inputs to control them. I know not quite retro enough but a compromise for those just wanting the sounds for some reason as authentic as possible. The 3 input AND gate chips and 7417 are just buffering except M3 which is injecting a 480Hz signal into the Bonus Missile Base sound from one half of the 556 Timer and the 74174 is a flipflop circuit that again just looks like it is buffering and logic control. Not really needed with modern equivalents. The Noise circuit is just an XOR feedback system into a static shift register to simulate random noise, again simple enough.
    Old analogue sound generators are much more rich in tone and beef than any digital knock off. Plus they have the advantage of being easily tweaked and tuned to personal preference.

  3. I was watching my favourite 80s tv show 'Only fools and horses' the other day and they have a space invaders arcade machine sat proudly in the corner of the pub. Different design on the side of it though, maybe its not midway version?

  4. Something sounds different about the sound when you shoot the invaders but I don't know if that's Midway specific or not. play another version of the game if you have it and you'll hear what I'm talking about.

  5. The reason all 3 of those early manuals are wrong is because they were just copied :).
    No one bothered to check if the original was correct. Come on people …. lol 🙂
    Space Invaders is such a classic. Thanks for showing this one off.

  6. I think the Saucer Sound circuit has to be working in a way cause if it wasn't, then by logic you wouldn't be hearing any Saucer Sounds at all, that's assuming that the Saucer Sound circuit produces all the Saucer Sounds.

  7. I remember the very first time I saw one of these Space Invaders arcade machines, I was living with my stepmother in Subiaco near Perth in Western Australia, back in 1980 or 1981 if memory serves me right, I was doing my year 6 at Subiaco Primary school at the time and my class got treated to a day at the local Rollerskating Rink, anyway, I had done quite a few laps of the Rollerscating Rink and my legs were starting to feel a bit tired, as well as a bit sore from falling on my knees, so I headed to where there was an opening in the short wall that surrounded the Rink and made my way towards a round white table and chair, while I made my way over to the table and chair I heard a really bassy "Bup…Bup…Bup…Bup" sound and I went to investigate where it was coming from, it turned out to be a Space Invaders arcade game and I thought it was the coolest thing i had ever seen, the sounds it was making were pretty scary, I was probably about 10 or 11 years old at the time, I'm 53 years old now, if my memory serves me right, the Space Invaders arcade game I saw just had a black and white screen on it but looked a lot like the one in this video.

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