Chip Tuning Warszawa

Chiptuning Warszawa - Zwiększenie mocy silnika, Eco-tuning - modyfikacje, tuning silnika.


ECU Tuning is any change you make to your ECU to optimize performance, drivability or performance! It can involve adjusting and modifying many values and settings, but the main focus is usually to optimize fuel delivery and ignition timing. The topic of ECU Tuning is vast with a massive learning curve. This video should get you started on that learning journey.


Ściągniete z Youtube Autochiptuning24.pl/ profesjonalny chip tuning, elektronika samochodowa i DPF/ FAP OFF w Warszawie. Chip Tuning, usuwanie filtrów DPF, Serwis FAP, mechanika, Warszawa i okolice.
Chip-tuning BMW, elektroniczne zwiększenie mocy silnika. Usługę wykonujemy we własnym warsztacie lub na miejscu u klienta. Gwarancja!

Chiptuning polega na elektronicznym zwiększeniu mocy silnika Waszego samochodu, mechanik dokonuje modyfikacji w sterowniku silnika.Chip tuning, usuwanie DPF, filtra cząstek stałych, tuning ciężarówek i traktorów, power boxy – Warszawa.

Auto Tuning – Chip tuning. Ponad 35000 wersji silnikowych w V-Tuning. Filtr: Wszystkie rodzaje; osobowe; dostawcze; ciężarowe; rolnicze.Chip tuning polega na zwiększeniu mocy pojazdu poprzez modyfikację programu sterującego pracą silnika. Wszyscy producenci samochodów pozostawiają rozwiązania dla Tuningu.

Profesjonalny chiptuning i tuning silników diesel i benzyna (również ciężarowe), chip tuning – zwiększ moc, obniż spalanie. Chip Tuning Chiptuning xHP Naprawa DPF EGR AdBlue BMW Mini inne. Usługi motoryzacyjne » Naprawa i serwis. Chip tuning samochodów Warszawa, hamowania, podniesienie mocy samochodu Warszawa, modyfikacje mechaniczne auta. Chip tuning wszystkich marek..

Profesjonalny tuning samochodów na odległość. Zgraj oprogramowanie samochodu, prześlij nam. Zmodyfikujemy go dla uzyskania lepszych parametrów pracy.Chiptuning to jedna z metod tuningu silnika. Polega ona na modyfikacji oprogramowania komputera (ECU), który steruje jednostką napędową.

Co to jest chiptuning? Tuning silnika BMW? Co daje Twojemu samochodowi? Mówiąc krótko – chip tuning BMW pozwala elektronicznie zwiększyć moc silnika,

42 thoughts on “ECU Tuning || EXPLAINED

  1. Straight forward and to the point. Nice man. I will soon be trying to learn how to tune. Gonna be reading everything I can get my hands on and watch everything involved with tuning. I won't go back to OTS tunes and my tuner has become more and more difficult to work with and dyno tuning in my area is a joke. So hopefully this time next year I'll be able to at least tune my own car.

  2. Tunner must have indepth knowledge of engine environment. Physics and engineering thermodynamics, fluid mechanics , and computer science , electral engineering ac machine and DC machine think the area of knowledge you got 3 or 4 kinds of pots all are size of an ocean 😁

  3. One of the best explanation I could possibly find on Youtube. Thanks brother.

    Also I have a question for you like I want to tune my motorcycle ECU but I'm not sure what software I need to install so that I can dive deep into that machine.
    I mean, is there any universal software which is compatible with all the ECU's softwares or something like that?

  4. Do you think you could make a video explaining the differences and benefits of twin turbo setups vs single turbo setups and vice versa? There's a lot of conflicting info out there, and so far your videos have been some of the most educational videos I've ever seen.

  5. Hey MZopyrus, where did you learn everything you know? What sources would you recommend? I'm deciding at 21 years old that I want to ride the last wave of gasoline/diesel engine technology. I haven't gone to college or a technical school only because I now chose to make a career in automotive

  6. I drive a BMW 320d 2018, also known as BMW F30, with no modification on air-intake or what so ever. I was wondering, if there is a way to program the ECU yourself? Is there somewhere where you could get a modified ECU code/file that you can overwrite the stock ECU with on my car?
    Also, very good video! i learned so much

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