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Do Earbuds Need a Touchscreen and Last Minute Apple Predictions

Do Earbuds Need a Touchscreen and Last Minute Apple Predictions

This week there were a ton of fun and quirky gadgets to discuss including a pair of earbuds with a screen on the charging case and curved gaming monitors. Then Marques and Andrew discuss phone sales before giving some last-minute predictions of what they’re most excited to see at the Apple event next week!

00:00 Intro
00:38 Earbuds with a touchscreen case
07:50 Bendable monitors and TV
15:50 Trivia question 1
16:54 Klayvio (Sponsored)
18:13 Pixel sales in the US
28:00 Top models of phones sold in 2022
31:23 Trivia question 2
32:38 Ad break
32:43 Last minute Apple predictions
42:30 Trivia Answers
47:29 Outro

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Pixel sales: https://bit.ly/wvfrmep131pixel

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Chiptuning to usługa, w której mechanik elektronicznie zwiększa moc wyjściową silnika samochodowego, modyfikując ustawienia w jednostce sterującej silnika samochodu. Ta usługa jest również znana jako „dostrajanie”. Chip tuning, czyszczenie DPF, modyfikacja osiągów silników diesla, poprawa osiągów ciężarówek i ciągników za pomocą dodatków mocy: robimy to wszystko i robimy to lepiej niż ktokolwiek inny w Warszawie.

Chip tuning w pojazdach samochodowych. Obecnie istnieje ponad 35 000 różnych kombinacji silników, które mogą być obsługiwane przez V-Tuning. Dowolny typ, prywatny, van, ciężarówka lub pojazd rolniczy to kategorie, według których można sortować. Zwiększenie osiągów pojazdu poprzez „chip tuning” polega na wprowadzeniu modyfikacji oprogramowania jednostki sterującej silnika (ECU). Tuning to problem, który musi rozwiązać każdy producent OEM.

Chiptuning silników wysokoprężnych i benzynowych, w tym samochodów ciężarowych, to nasza specjalność; proces ten zwiększa moc, jednocześnie zmniejszając całkowite zużycie paliwa przez silnik. Proces modyfikacji częstotliwości pracy chipa Serwis i naprawy BMW Minis obejmujące układy DPF, EGR, AdBlue. Samochody wymagają regularnych przeglądów i napraw. Istnieje możliwość tuningu chipa samochodu w Warszawie, a także naprawy hamulców, rozkręcania silnika czy regulacji elementów mechanicznych samochodu. Chipy do tuningu dostępne dla każdej marki i modelu.

Fachowo wykonałem usługi tuningowe realizowane zdalnie. Prześlij nam oprogramowanie rip car przez e-mail. Wprowadzimy w nim pewne poprawki, aby działał płynniej. Słowo „hiptuning” odnosi się do szczególnego podejścia do procesu tuningu silnika. Niezbędne jest dokonanie modyfikacji w oprogramowaniu elektronicznej jednostki sterującej (ECU) w celu uzyskania pożądanego efektu na osiągi silnika.

Czy możesz mi wyjaśnić, czym jest chiptuning? Zmiany w układzie napędowym BMW? Co do cholery jest nie tak z twoim samochodem, mówiąc wprost? Jednym słowem, chip tuning Twojego BMW to prosta metoda, która pomoże Ci wydobyć dodatkową moc z silnika Twojego pojazdu.

40 thoughts on “Do Earbuds Need a Touchscreen and Last Minute Apple Predictions

  1. I can think of one very handy function of having controls on the case. Using your earbuds with something other than your phone. I share mine between my phone and laptop, and when connected to my laptop I'm locked out of most controls other than what is on the buds itself. So, for example if I want to change EQ settings while on my laptop, I have to disconnect from my laptops, reconnect to my phone change a setting without hearing what I'm doing then reconnect back to the laptop. Lame. It's interesting…

  2. Travel is my big reason on this. I wear my Buds2 under the helmet on ambient mode. Having a case that I can make quick adjustments to when I’m stationary could be a great use for it. Plus it’s bound to have touch response + case response. So that’s fine I guess.

  3. 14:13 I could see a possible situation for the rollable TV, since you could have for example pictures or smt on the wall behind the TV and this could solve your problem, although people with a small apartment having this problem wouldn't even have money for smt like that xd.

  4. I feel like sometimes you see people carry their airpod case clipped on a loop for belt on jeans, so it's pretty easily accessible, so maybe in that scenario it could be useful. Also I agree with Andrew, the touch controls on the earphones themselves are horrible.

  5. A screen on the earbud case is more of a solution looking for a problem. Like the guy said, it could come in handy if you don’t have a smartwatch. I would just invest in a smartwatch though. It can track so many things, you can wear it on your wrist, make calls without your phone, etc.

  6. For the earbuds, if the UI is done well, it could replace needing third-party apps on the phone. If I want to change EQ or the sensitivity of my noise cancellation, I have to make sure I have the Bose app downloaded and installed. The case could allow you to change settings and carry over setting like EQ between devices without installing an app.

  7. They weirdly don't about how consumer products affect data. Or for that matter how big development construction project affect so much more than like your fave dongle. But like something on web3. I mean really its two dudes.

  8. At this point just make the case a mini functional player that can house earbuds. Add storage and LTE in the case. Pair with your carrier number so you have some data on the go for streaming services and control those directly from the case. A dream thing for people who want to go outdoors for a few hours and don't want to take their brick of a phone, specially for running. As a bonus add NFC so you could link your wallet. There are a lot of people who use their smartphones just for basics and don't need to have it on them all the time.
    Of course this would make sense only if this is cheaper than a smartwatch which does all those things and more anyway. But a smartwatch cannot house earbuds.

  9. an earbuds case with a screen makes sense if it has onboard storage for music so it doubles as an iPod in a way. it would definitely work for the beats fit pro case seeing its unnecessarily chungous

  10. TCL?! I have never even heard of it much less seen someone with one. Also, I haven’t noticed someone with a Pixel either. The iPhone, Samsung and Motorola is really all I ever see out in the wild here in WA.

  11. If you use a Galaxy Watch 4/5 and Samsumg Buds Pro you can switch between ANC and ambient through the watch. Also seamless connection of the earbuds between watch an phone

  12. A Screen on my earbud case is a head scratcher for me…. btw guys my Kiplsch McLaren T5 II best controls ever on wireless earbuds… Best sound best everything acturally but more important coolest looking…

  13. Bootstrap trivia: Early mainframes and minicomputers had a second discrete computer inside whose sole job was to "bootstrap" the main computer. Once the main computer was running, the bootstrap computer did nothing.

  14. People who are really into interior design would LOVE the rollable TV, if you look for pictures of stylish or designer living rooms, they almost never have a tv at all, because they’re an eyesore to the room aesthetic. In the interior design sub-culture I’ve seen people spend more than the cost of that rollable tv on elaborate systems to cover up the tv when not in use. Way better to have the tv be the thing to roll up and get out of the way imo, maybe you have have art or a mirror or something more stylish on the wall there. The Samsung Frame currently solves this same problem a different way, and it currently sells pretty well, but it’s pretty small and it imo requires it to be part of a gallery wall to complete the look and that’s not feasible with every design style.

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