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Amazing car chip tuning device – SUPER OBD2

The best car tuning chip – Super OBD2. Plug and Drive SuperOBD2 Performance Chip Tuning Box for Diesel and Gasoline Cars. Will unleash the hidden power of your car: Up to 35% more power and 25 % more torque. It works based OBD2 protocols as remapping the Car’s computer ECU. Results to more responsive and aggressive car. Bibilis ang hatak nang sasakyan at tipid sa gasolina. Fuel Efficiency and fuel savings. 100% Safe and cheap car tuning method. Will not void the warranty.

Ściągniete z Youtube Autochiptuning24.pl/ profesjonalny chip tuning, elektronika samochodowa i DPF/ FAP OFF w Warszawie. Chip Tuning, usuwanie filtrów DPF, Serwis FAP, mechanika, Warszawa i okolice.

19 thoughts on “Amazing car chip tuning device – SUPER OBD2

  1. God damn scammers editing Wikipedia pages to support their scam…. They have gone too far….. Even the wiki says citation missing which means the wiki has no proof of the publications made…..

  2. Aggressive car? LMAO 😂😂😂. Even a professional remap on your ECU won't make it aggressive. Torque and horsepower us a load of crap! Absolute bullshit!

  3. You are a fucking scam all of these devices that you bow on eBay or Amazon for 20 bucks do not work. You make a device that taps into the O2 sensor or the mass airflow sensor even the temperature sensor to try to trick the vehicle into thinking it needs more fuel however vehicle has a two loop system when one sensor reads a certain thing the second sensor rejects it and corrects it therefore it doesn’t do anything but for the certain vehicles that allows it to have a more fuel like on a diesel Engine you take the chance and burning holes in your piston or damaging your fuel injectors because it is trying to give it more fuel pressure. So if you make a piece of plastic that is physically impossible to remap your cars ECU and you sell it for $20 and you have 1 million people buy this device for $20 how much money did you just make off of a scam? Wow this shit doesn’t work at all.

  4. Question :Does this work with Most cars? and if not with which?. What changes dors it make to your car/engine? "More aggressive and fuel efficient car" doesnt sound quite right and i need an elaboration or at least an explanation.

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