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A FULL DD Setup for $599? - MOZA R5 Sim Racing Bundle Review

A FULL DD Setup for $599? – MOZA R5 Sim Racing Bundle Review

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A Full Direct Drive setup with Pedals and a steering wheel for just $599 seemed unimaginable just a few years ago, but thanks to all the new competition we’ve seen in the space lately, the competition has really gotten hot!

Today we take a look at Moza Racing’s latest offering, the R5 bundle which consists of a 5.5NM Directy Drive wheel base, ES Wheel and SR-P Lite Pedals to see just what $599 can get you!


Thanks very much to Moza Racing for providing their products for review.

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MOZA R9 Review Series –

Intro: 00:00
Discount & Important Information: 0:51
Compatibility: 1:29
R5 Wheel Base Overview: 2:05
ES Wheel Overview: 4:17
SR-P Lite Pedals Overview: 6:33
R5 Wheel Base Details & Comparisons: 8:08
Software Quick Look: 13:51
Ergonomics & Initial Impressions: 16:07
Driving Experience & Conclusions: 19:27

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Chiptuning to usługa, w której mechanik elektronicznie zwiększa moc wyjściową silnika samochodowego, modyfikując ustawienia w jednostce sterującej silnika samochodu. Ta usługa jest również znana jako „dostrajanie”. Chip tuning, czyszczenie DPF, modyfikacja osiągów silników diesla, poprawa osiągów ciężarówek i ciągników za pomocą dodatków mocy: robimy to wszystko i robimy to lepiej niż ktokolwiek inny w Warszawie.

Chip tuning w pojazdach samochodowych. Obecnie istnieje ponad 35 000 różnych kombinacji silników, które mogą być obsługiwane przez V-Tuning. Dowolny typ, prywatny, van, ciężarówka lub pojazd rolniczy to kategorie, według których można sortować. Zwiększenie osiągów pojazdu poprzez „chip tuning” polega na wprowadzeniu modyfikacji oprogramowania jednostki sterującej silnika (ECU). Tuning to problem, który musi rozwiązać każdy producent OEM.

Chiptuning silników wysokoprężnych i benzynowych, w tym samochodów ciężarowych, to nasza specjalność; proces ten zwiększa moc, jednocześnie zmniejszając całkowite zużycie paliwa przez silnik. Proces modyfikacji częstotliwości pracy chipa Serwis i naprawy BMW Minis obejmujące układy DPF, EGR, AdBlue. Samochody wymagają regularnych przeglądów i napraw. Istnieje możliwość tuningu chipa samochodu w Warszawie, a także naprawy hamulców, rozkręcania silnika czy regulacji elementów mechanicznych samochodu. Chipy do tuningu dostępne dla każdej marki i modelu.

Fachowo wykonałem usługi tuningowe realizowane zdalnie. Prześlij nam oprogramowanie rip car przez e-mail. Wprowadzimy w nim pewne poprawki, aby działał płynniej. Słowo „hiptuning” odnosi się do szczególnego podejścia do procesu tuningu silnika. Niezbędne jest dokonanie modyfikacji w oprogramowaniu elektronicznej jednostki sterującej (ECU) w celu uzyskania pożądanego efektu na osiągi silnika.

Czy możesz mi wyjaśnić, czym jest chiptuning? Zmiany w układzie napędowym BMW? Co do cholery jest nie tak z twoim samochodem, mówiąc wprost? Jednym słowem, chip tuning Twojego BMW to prosta metoda, która pomoże Ci wydobyć dodatkową moc z silnika Twojego pojazdu.

39 thoughts on “A FULL DD Setup for $599? – MOZA R5 Sim Racing Bundle Review

  1. You said the wheel base is a "matter of perspective". It's not though. Either it affects the driving experience/quality or it doesn't. I only watched this review to see if the 5nm is good enough for sim racing and what I would be missing out on in comparison to 8nm or higher and how that would affect the driving experience, but you never really mentioned much about that. You said it affects the immersion, but is that all? Would I miss something by only using 5nm?

  2. Thrustmaster needs to get their offering on the market NOW! This is literally the best value there has ever been for a direct drive wheel kit in sim racing. Moza just hit the market and already have multiple DD models? Come on Thrustmaster!!!

  3. Im very impressed by this company, when they started to pop up at the beginning of the year it looked like just some other chinese knockoff of fanatec without proper software or eco system but it looks more and more like they are here to stay. I'm really happy there is some competition in this market now and quite impressed by this wheelbase, bravo moza

  4. Weird, I was just listening to a JRE podcast with Mike Baker about Chinese companies undercutting it's competitors with dirt cheap products just so they can use those products to mine whatever data they can find from their customers. This is a very cheap Chinese product 😂

  5. Definitely gonna 3d print a magnetic shifter mod for those shifters. I think the ones compatible with a t300 wheel is useable here since the curvatures and dimensions will be quite similar

  6. Focus pocus from Moza Racing R5, $599+ Shipping to USA 🎉 $134!!! + tax and right now it’s not really cheap and affordable version, total $759.99, can you believe, small marketing tricks from Moza, 🎉Nice try Moza

  7. I'm desperate for someone to test the other wheels Moza offers with this base, was very much hoping you guys would cover that! The difference in connector layout on the hub is what concerns me. Anyone know if the GS wheel is compatible with the R5?

    Edit: Saw on the official reveal premiere they did on YouTube that one of their mods was able to use every Moza rim with the R5 base. The compatibility section on the website doesn't seem to have been updated yet!

  8. Very impressed. I wasn't familiar with this brand prior to watching the review. Do the Moza's have an "automatic" wheel rotation setting–where a maximum is set in the control panel, but then the game determines the per-car steering ratio? A lack of that feature would be a deal-breaker for me as the sims I use support that with Fanatec and it is an essential. I'm not willing to look-up and fiddle with steering wheel ratios every time I change vehicles and I do want the realistic settings, not a consistent/arbitrary setting.

  9. I like how there is more DD bundles on the market at a lower end cost. I’m on console PS5 but dabbled on PC from time to time. If more could come to console that could be a game changer to be honest. More on the market is great for customers. Maybe not so for competitors.

    I want the CSL DD Pro but the issues I’ve seen on reddit scare me a bit to be honest. I know more are having a great time but if I’m one of those unfortunate people it will be so soul crushing. I just hope that Fanatec come out with a V2 with more durable parts and pieces. I hope Moza makes Fanatec cut no corners and improve on their products even more.

  10. i have a question, ive never really had a wheel and pedals before and im looking into getting the moza R5 bundle but since i do not have a lot of space for a rig im wondering would the pedals stay in place while driving if i just put them on a wooden floor or should i look into getting some kind of a rig to mount them on?

  11. I really hope Moza will create a brake mod (like the SR-P Accessory Kit) for the SR-P Lite brake pedal too..or maybe better offer a load cell brake pedal kit for this bundle..Too bad the brake does not feel right!

  12. on the topic of the CSL DD QR-1 slipping out..

    when i first got mine it slipped out after about my first 30 mins of playing. all i did was take it out, release the collar and inspect. put it back together (putting maybe 20lb pressure onto the front of the QR-1 shaft) while tightening the collar and i put the locking bolt in as well. since then i havent taken it off or had the issue over 1000+ hours of use. 👍

  13. I have a g920 and I gotta say, it's pretty damn quiet. I have the ffb turned all the way up and in dirt rally it's near silent the vast majority of the time. No idea where all this "g29/g920 is loud" thing comes from, it's really not all that loud in practice.

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